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Research & development-

The success of Gentex Agri Input’s research effort is reflected in the ongoing release of new and highly productive varieties. A commitment towards research has enabled Gentex to stay at the forefront in the development of improved products and technologies.
R&D headquarters is developing Cereal Crops, Forage Crops and vegetable seeds which are nationally acclaimed in a way that about 130 research scientists including breeder, technician biotechnologist work together by grafting the cutting-edge biotechnology to the conventional breeding method. R&D headquarters focuses on research strategies which are necessary for disease resistant seeds, functional seeds for well-beings and customer’s preference seeds with goal of implementing environment-friendly agriculture.


With 8 processing plants in all different Geographical locations we have a large production facility, to fulfill demands of the best quality seeds. With the latest and the best machineries we tend to be the best in terms of quantity and quality.


We have our C & F, Cold Storage and warehouses at the most accessible locations. The logistical operations are fully automated and with well trained industrial experts.

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Our Motto

  Gentex Seeds stands for sustainable development of agriculture to meet Indian and global food demand. We have a Vision to maximize the production with the utilization of same resources.